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Parish Outreach Programs

Our Parish Outreach programs bring care, love, and the face of Jesus to those in need.

“We try to meet the needs of whoever comes through the door every day -- whether it is food or financial need. We welcome people with a friendly attitude, which is especially important in this ministry. The mission of following the gospel of Jesus is for all of us to be doers of the Word. That’s what we are here to do--to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.” - Barbara Powell, Director Social Ministry, St. Martha

“It takes a lot to ask for help; I was embarrassed to seek help and did not want anyone to know that I was really struggling to pay rent and feed my son. As soon as I came to St Martha, I felt comfortable and accepted – I was more than a name or a face – but a person. I received more than food; I received comfort and spiritual guidance.”

“Now I am on the other side doing God’s work. To do His work, you need to know how to receive and how to give back. Part of my calling now is to reach out and help others.” - Colleen

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