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I Think God Is Calling Me To Go To Seminary, And So I Did

Journeying together in communion, participation, and mission. The Catholic Ministries appeal gives us an opportunity to be challenged by the presence and stories of others and encounters them with love and charity.

When Father Chris Heller was in junior high school, he had something stirring in his heart. He followed that call and believed God was leading him to the seminary. Through high school and college, he admired many priests he met. It was through everyday prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and praying the rosary that he developed a true intimacy with God.

"I realized that I think God's calling me to take a step and go to seminary. And so I did. I think that the goal of a priest is basic: What is the Holy Spirit trying to say to me at this moment? How is the Holy Spirit moving in my parish and how can I respond to that so that the people can encounter him as well? " -Father Chris Heller

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