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Following The Call

When he was in junior high school, Father Chris Heller had something stirring in his heart. He followed that call and believed God was telling him to take a step toward the seminary.

Through high school and college, he admired many priests he had met; it was through everyday prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and praying the rosary, that he developed a true intimacy with God.

“It was really a joyful moment to realize that Jesus Christ was calling me to the vocation of the priesthood.” “The CMA has truly been important in my formation in the seminary and has helped me fulfill my calling to the priesthood.

The role of CMA is that we can journey together, being in communion with one another to grow Jesus Christ’s mission.” Today, as Parochial Vicar of St. Dominic in Oyster Bay and Chaplain of St. Dominic High School, Reverend Heller shared his goals for both.

“My goals are to follow where the Holy Spirit is leading me and to be in tune with the people of the parish and high school so that I can walk and pray with them -- to be there for them during happy and difficult times -- so that they can encounter Him as well.”

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