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Parish Social Ministry Outreach

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Your donation to the Catholic Ministries Appeal supports Catholic Charities pastoral programs to bring care and love to those in need. These services include housing for the vulnerable, mental health and substance abuse programs, food programs and advocacy. Below is a highlight of its Parish Social Ministry.

Local parishes and their volunteers are the lifeblood of parish social ministry on Long Island – serving as many as 75,000 people in need each year. Catholic Charities provides support and resources to local parish social ministry efforts on Long Island through several programs.

“We support our parishes through training, prayer opportunities and as a guide to resources when a parish may have a difficult case. We also have a manned help line to assist those who call, with information about available assistance and services,” shared Paula Malloy, Director of PSM, Catholic Charities of Long Island

Parish Social Ministry Outreach at Saint Catherine of Sienna Church encompasses a variety of ways in reaching out to those in need, the marginalized and so many others through different programs and services available throughout the year. In addition, this ministry provides information and guidance on issues of social justice guided by Catholic Teachings. “What the Lord calls us to – is to reach out and help one another. It’s something I learned as a child – it’s something I taught my children and now my grandchildren.” Shared Maureen Miedreich, Social Outreach Coordinator

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