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Camp Quo Vadis

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Your gifts bring hope for future generations of the Faithful as we continue to develop programs that evangelize our young people.

One such program, Camp Quo Vadis (Latin for “Where are you going?”), has as its core purpose to help young people listen to God’s voice, answer questions about future vocations and prepare the way for their leadership in the Church.

In the last two years under the direction of Fr. Sean Magaldi, there are two campers and three volunteers who are now in the seminary; two volunteer women have entered religious life, two women are in the process of entering women’s religious life; 30 female campers attended a discernment retreat for religious life and nine volunteers are now employed in lay ministry.

“I heard about the mission of the program – to bring young people closer to the Lord. There is such a need for this. Faith for young people today can seem so counter-cultural. To see so many young people coming together all for Jesus Christ – emboldens them and puts their Faith on fire."

– Felicia Viscusi, Camp Counselor

Campers at Quo Vadis experience faith in an uplifting atmosphere that instills tools for them to become disciples in the Catholic Church. Young women, religious, young priests, seminarians and campers experience a culture of encounter and are challenged to holiness and mission.

“I decided to participate because of the Eucharist. It is the center of my faith and it calls me to do so much that I do. I had never been to a retreat before, so I wanted to experience what that was like. I don’t want to make the mistake of having my faith be just a part of my life like music or sports. I want it to guide me through my life and be the reason I do things.” – Sean, Camper

“Having the opportunity to be a camper and a counselor at Camp Quo Vadis is an experience I will always be grateful for. Camp Quo Vadis has taught me how to be more authentically Catholic with genuine joy and love. The misconception that being Catholic is boring and old fashion can cause you to keep your faith a private thing, but when you see so many young people not being afraid to share the love of Christ, it helped me feel like I wasn’t walking alone in my faith.” – Emily, Camper and Counselor


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