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Building a Community of Faith…The Diaconate

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

“Deacons remind the Church that what Saint Thérèse discovered is true: the Church has a heart inflamed by love. Yes, a humble heart beating with service,”

-Pope Francis

Your donation to the Catholic Ministries Appeal supports vocations to the diaconate in our Diocese. It ensures that those who are looking to serve their parish and diocese have resources and guidance they need to discern their call to service. It also works to create a diocesan-wide culture that supports vocations, through promotion, education, and parish-based efforts to raise awareness of the diaconate.

Deacon Matt Surico always knew he would serve the church in some way. As a Deacon at his home parish, St. Thomas More in Hauppauge, Deacon Surico brings his gifts of serenity, joy and peace to all of the people he ministers to. “As a Deacon, I have a great opportunity to reach out to many people – one family at a time – one person at a time. I hope I will be able to inspire others to serve in the Church and be an instrument of Dramatic Missionary Growth in our Diocese by using all the gifts and talents that the Lord has given me.” - Deacon Matthew Surico

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