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Affordable Housing For Seniors And People With Disabilities

Catholic Charities' housing department provides seniors who meet income guidelines with the opportunity for safe and affordable housing and access to a supportive network of services. Additionally, Catholic Charities operates community residences to help individuals with disabilities achieve their highest level of functioning and to participate as fully as possible in the surrounding community.

When Brian was 3-years old, he had a massive cerebral hemorrhage and needed extensive care. As he got older, his parents wanted to find a place where he could be more independent and be a part of a community. Just before his 30th birthday, Brian moved into Catholic Charities’ Christopher Residence. It gives him so much pleasure living here and it gives our family joy to see how happy he is. He’s content and safe and as we are getting old, we know that he will continue to be cared for with love and dignity,” shared Mrs. Healy, Brian’s mom

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