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Go To Mass With An Open Mind And An Open Heart

Have you or heard people say they don’t get anything out of going to mass or do you sometimes feel that way? The truth is that we shouldn’t consider going to church on Sunday to fulfill our obligation. In a world of cell phones and electronic devices that entertain us at every moment, it’s important to take time to stop and breathe. To give thanks, and to pray. If we go to Mass waiting to be entertained or thinking of things that we will do after, we are missing the beauty of going to Mass.

Go to mass with the mindset of giving, instead of receiving.

  • Participate in the prayers and sing.

  • Read along during the readings and listen to the homily and find something that speaks directly to you.

  • Look at those sitting around you and pray for them.

  • Give thanks and praise in your prayers.

  • Ask the Lord to increase your faith.

  • Remember that the presence of Christ in The Eucharist is real, true and substantial.

  • When you receive The Eucharist know that at that moment Jesus is truly with you and within you.

  • Communion comes from the word “communionem,” meaning fellowship or sharing something together. We are in communion as a community joining with God. YOUR presence matters.

Realize, as well, that you are in the presence of God when you face that Tabernacle. Your whole life you have been in front of God in church. When you look at Him in the Eucharist, allow Him to look back at you and let His Presence change your mind and heart. When we give ourselves as an offering to God, what we get in return is the presence of Jesus Christ within us. This Sunday, when you go to mass, ask a friend to go with you with an open mind and an open heart.

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