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Catholic Charities’ Talbot House: Mark's Story

When someone is fed, receives guidance or help to break the chains of addiction – your support has helped in that care.

Mark was smoking crack, using heroin and any other drugs he could get his hands on. He had reached rock bottom and knew he had to get help.

“I was running from life – running from my responsibilities – I was running from just about everything. I had become a person I didn’t even know. I begged God for help.”

With nowhere else to turn Mark called Catholic Charities’ Talbot House. “I could no longer be that person I had become. I could no longer go down the path that I was going. I would have killed myself if it wasn’t for Talbot House.” Today, Mark is clean, in school and reunited with his family. He also volunteers at Talbot House to help others find the path to recovery.

Talbot House means hope. I’m living a life today that I don’t deserve, but I am enjoying it. I have God in my life. I am blessed, grateful and happy!”

Please consider donating to the Appeal and a difference in someone’s life.

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