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Campus Ministry: Young People Seeking The Truth

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Journeying together in communion participation and mission, the Catholic ministries appeal gives us an opportunity to be challenged by the presence and stories of others and encounter them with love and charity. While on college campuses across Long Island campus ministry programs give students an opportunity to continue to participate in their Catholic faith.

"Having campus ministry here is huge I can’t promise that if it wasn’t here I would have made my confirmation or you know continue to have found a community of other people who believe in the same faith as me it’s just a great way for me to find people that you know share the same interests as me and it’s really like a second family being able to go to the campus ministry office at any time and there’s always a smiling face there’s always someone to tell a story too there’s always a snack to be had this is a really exciting way for me to be more involved really."Gina Hackett, Campus Ministry participant

Learn more by watching our video:

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