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Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord Is With Thee...

Catholics are often asked why we pray to the Blessed Mother and whether we worship her. A common misconception needs clarification: we do not worship her. Instead, we ask for her intercession through prayer, recognizing her as the mother of God. Having lived on this earth, Mary experienced humanity in all its facets—faith, love, and loss—as a child of God and as the mother of God.

We seek her guidance because of her unique experiences during her earthly life. Her unwavering faith as a child of God is a profound example for us. She fully accepted the angel Gabriel’s message that she would bear a child who would save all of humanity. Filled with faith, she shared this revelation with her husband, Joseph, and together they dedicated their lives to fulfilling God’s will.


As a mother, Mary witnessed the wonders and tribulations of watching her son grow. When Jesus was lost and found in the temple, we can relate to Mary and Joseph’s anguish as parents fearing for their children. Yet again, her steadfast faith saw her through. The ultimate test of her faith came as she watched her only son endure brutal punishment and crucifixion. Imagine the unbearable pain of a mother witnessing such suffering, not fully knowing she would one day be rewarded with a permanent seat beside her son in heaven.


From our Blessed Mother, Mary, we learn immense strength and unwavering faith. Her life is a testament to the power of complete trust in God’s plan, no matter how difficult the journey. Let us draw inspiration from her example and seek her intercession as we navigate our paths of faith. 

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