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A Dad Like James

"...The Church, our mother, is committed to supporting with all her strength the good and generous presence of fathers in families, for they are the irreplaceable guardians and mediators of faith in goodness, of faith in justice and in God’s protection, like St Joseph."

– Pope Francis

Every day, people in our community are helped because of support from funds raised through the Catholic Ministries Appeal.

Today, consider a dad like James. James saw information about the Catholic Ministries Appeal at his local parish, and he knew he had to turn to the Church for help since he had nowhere else to go. James had been gainfully employed for more than 10 years when he began to fall ill. Soon his medical issues made it impossible for him to keep working and he was forced to go out on disability.

After paying the co-pays on his medications, his family's rent and utilities bills, James had very little left to purchase food and other necessities for his family.

It was hard for him to ask for help, but with nowhere else to turn, he did. Catholic Charities found him a specialist who assessed the family's needs and directed them to appropriate resources in their community. He went to his Parish Outreach, where his family received food that allowed them to make it through the month. James and his family received the help they so desperately needed.

Today, James is back to work and the family is doing well. I am so thankful that I know there is somewhere I can turn, where there are people that care, people I can talk to, if I am ever in such a situation again," shared James.

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